Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

Transporting heavy industrial cooling equipment like commercial portable air conditioners newly purchased can be expensive and difficult when it's done by air freight.

Yet there are lower cost purchase and delivery options for businesses with larger industrial premises that need their internal climates to be maintained at a comfortable level. It is this option that I will look at in this article.

industrial air conditioningAs with many things these days, even larger businesses are looking to the Internet to purchase heating and cooling equipment. This is in preference to taking the traditional route of visiting a specialist supplier's store and having the equipment shipped from afar.

Opting for Compact Cooling Equipment

There are many instances where a commercial premises can be cooled effectively without needing to have full-scale central air installed. High power, heavy industrial portable units exist that are designed to cool large expanses of internal space for less cost (both at purchase level and running costs) than some large central systems.

The problem facing a number of business owners is where to source this equipment for the right price. Additionally, is the equipment of high enough quality that it will prove robust and reliable under the more extreme conditions faced in an industrial setting.

Kwikool Portable Cooling Units

The solution to this problem is to look to an established electrical appliance store with an online presence like Sylvane that specializes in heating, cooling and air purifying equipment for use in both domestic as well as business applications.

Sylvane stocks high-end industrial cooling equipment from the USA-based manufacturer, Kwikool. This company manufactures industrial sized portable air conditioning equipment in a variety of sizes and configurations to fir the needs of most industrial premises.

What follows is a concise review of two of the more popular sizes of portable commercial coolers on sale at Sylvane from Kwikool:

KwiKool 16,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

An introduction-level, compact unit designed for smaller business premises of up to 500 sq ft, this model still packs a powerful cooling punch with a sizeable 16,800 BTU output rating. Starting with a smaller unit, this 16,800 BTU unit is much more powerful than domestic units and is a good fit for smaller industrial installations, workshops, large office areas, server rooms etc.

With a relatively small footprint, this compact 1.5 ton cooler is perfect for open-plan office spaces, workshops, computer and server rooms and similar areas.

Being a self-contained unit, this cooler is very easy to install in most locations. It is easily maintained on-site and easy to use with a number of intuitive safety features built-in to protect itself and its users.

It can be left to run continuously 24/7 and is fitted with a 3-gallon condensate tank for holding excess moisture that is condensed from the air as it cools. This is perfect for cooling spaces that do not have direct moisture drainage.

Its float assembly will cause the unit to automatically shut off when the tank is full and will sound an alarm to alert someone when this occurs.

Another great feature is that it plugs into a standard 115v outlet, so there is no special electrical wiring or circuitry needed. A large, easy-to-read digital display panel clearly reads off the current temperature, the set temperature and any alarm codes for simplicity in setting and adjusting the settings as needed.

With standard air chutes, this cooler allows direct air cooling wherever you need it and it has a direct drive fan to quickly and efficiently cool your space. If you need to cool larger space, the hoses can be separated, or for concentrated cooling, you can focus the cold air outflow in one direction.

Operating in temperatures from 70°F – 105°F, this cooler provides adequate cooling in most situations. At lower temperatures the cooling function can be shut off for air circulation in fan-only mode.

KwiKool 120,000 BTU 10-Ton Portable Air Conditioners

If you have a larger industrial area to be cooled, you're going to need a real heavyweight among portable air conditioners and these models from Kwikool are sure to be just what you want!

Rated at 120,000 BTU, these American-built monsters can handle an open space up to 4,000 sq ft and indeed they are commonly found in warehouses, hospitals, industrial plants and large open plan office areas.

This type of cooler with its direct-drive fans and efficient 3-stage motors is designed for venting through a false ceiling. It also features an internal condensate pump designed for continuous use.

The 3-phase motors are designed for either of two electrical power options with the KIB12023 model rated for 230 volts and the KIB12043 rated for 460 volts.

They have a maximum evaporator airflow that is rated at 3,800 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and a maximum condenser airflow that is rated at 5,000 CFM.

These giant portable coolers are designed to be run continuously for 24-hour use. Internally, a pump takes moisture out of the space and outflows to a drain anywhere up to 150 feet away. There is a fail safe cut off and an alarm will sound if there's a problem.

It also features a large external 5 gallon tank for temporary operation that also has an alarm to indicate when it is full plus an auto cut off.


While the above two commercial portable air conditioners represent both the smallest and largest units available, there are several intermediate sized units in the range from Kwikool that are also stocked by Sylvane. All the models can be viewed at their website and you can visit there by clicking either one of the product images above.

If your needs are for an industrial sized cooling system but you want portability and flexibility with that kind of cooling power, these units come highly recommended. Visit Sylvane today to see the range of models to see which one fits your business needs and budget.

Note: As a Sylvane affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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