Thank you for visiting the website of Florida Tradeport, a growing cargo service airport strategically located in Immokalee, FL, just an hour away from Miami, offering two 5,000 foot runway capable of accommodating variety of cargo planes.

The airfield and cargo depot has been designed to address the concerns of today's companies shipping goods into and out of the Southwest Florida area to the Caribbean and Central American destinations.

A New Look

Florida Trade Port light aircraftThe website has been redesigned with a new look while recreating the original informational text from the original site to maintain continuity. The airport has since been renamed as "Immokalee Regional Airport" and has its own current web presence, but we felt it was important to preserve the past incarnation and its valuable information for generations to come.

While things change, mostly for the better, we have to change with them to keep up with life and not get left behind by progress. Air travel and freight is a constantly changing service that is improving its strategy and security measures to keep in line with an evolving world and increased demands by both the public and the businesses that serve them.

To that end, this website looks back at the way things were in order to give a good perspective on how things have moved forward. Look to the future by working today for the future you want to see.

Providing a Vital Service

When it was first launched, the service was extensive and forward thinking with a time honored catchphrase: "Imagine your shipments can be..."

We are aligned with the HVAC/R Training Institute that educates and qualifies climate control engineers in the area. Service, convenience and partnership are among our offerings to you. Learn more about our exciting business opportunities by contacting us via our Contact page (see the link in the header above).

We are also aligned to the current state of climate change and how it affects certain habitats and life in general in the state. We have teamed up with to share information and keep our clients up to date with how things are going as well as providing a limited early incumbant weather warning service for those that need it.

Air Freight